from CAD to canvas.


The interior design market has for the best part kept me insanely busy, certainly for the latter thirty years. Opportunities for painting came in isolated rare moments, often stimulated from a personal exploration; to see if the skills of my youth had survived?   Results were usually acceptable even sometimes inviting favourable comment, however such encouragement brought further frustration to me within my own design practice.  I was dutifully compelled to return to the next design brief. 


Art is all or nothing.


More recent, sudden, unexpected calamites, no fault of my own; I was struck by a protracted illness.  For the first time that I can recall I was unable to service my clients. The consequences were harsh. The experiences stirred much self analysis and soul searching. 


I knew I had to pursue art, and so I started painting. Some of the images, a bit of a mixed bag are presented in the slide show. Some are available for purchase, contact


I had the notion that art school would be my next challenge?

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