A respected art dealer and former gallery owner once commented (to me) that a particular artist's successes were born out of sticking with what they had always done, inferring a value in their determined courage; resisting, when tempted, to explore or veer away from established themes and technique. There is a an obvious commercially driven guile with the dealers, galleries and artists who rationalise the process, maximise recognition and therefore sales? 


The so called 'higher art' educational institutions, in diametric opposition, emphasise even insist upon diversity and exploratory process as essentials.


Either-or? I don't think so, not for me anyway, there is so much potential, an infinite scope of possibilities, concepts worthy of exploration, discoveries that may serve a particular ambition of expression that will; at least for a season, translate into art; one way or another.  This page, a jumble explorations, is essentially my edgeout sketch book, presenting stuff that may well develop, amalgamate or at least influence at some future point; a 'finished' work of art. If there can be such a definition?