image dimensions


Some original pieces within 303 and 505 selections are almost certainly smaller than the images presented on monitor screens, this will vary considerably depending upon screen sizes and set up. It is an unavoidable presentation conundrum, so as an indicator I have included actual image dimensions; width and height within the product selection page. It is also a frustration that the fine detail of the works are so inadequately translated on screens, pixels are simply too large to capture the finer marks within the work. So expect smaller images with more intricate detailing than viewed. This is true of both originals and reproduction prints.



colour rendition


Another conundrum. My technically calibrated screen image depicts colours accurately, the colour replication between original work; my screen view and ultimate print is carefully managed to ensure faithful and consistent reproduction. However, again depending upon settings, it is most likely that colours will appear different on other monitors. This is unavoidable. Please allow for subtle differences between what you see on your screen and the artwork that you receive.