professional fine art print quality


Colour Quality - Using Ultrachrome K3  high-density pigment ink  create vibrant blues and purples plus accurate, neutral and dark colours.


Control over black and white - Three black inks and an advanced Black and White mode ensure total control over the tone and hue of black and white prints. Matte black inks enable printing on high quality art media.


Colour Balance - Superb, precise grey balance and colour without colour cast.


Stability - Excellent short term colour stability and smooth tonal gradation from shadow to light.


Consistency - Micro Piezo print head technology means every print will be the same as the first Light Fastness - Prints last in display conditions without fading for up to 75 years in colour and over 100 years in black and white.


Flexibility - Superior quality on a wide range of media, including gloss, matte, fine art. matte black ink is optimized for matte papers: its particle density is higher than that of the other inks, allowing more particles to be placed onto the paper with one ink droplet. The result is a higher D-max for matte papers.





fine art photo papers 


222 Standard double sided clean white satin-matt 170g coated card, the coating on the reverse helps with the general stability of the paper. the base paper coating is of a quality offering an ultra-smooth satin finish enabling really deep matt colours to be printed down.


333 'Museo Max' 100% Cotton DFA  With a colour gamut larger than any other fine art paper on the market today.  enabling fine detail and crafted to archival standards.


444 'Museo Portfolio Rag'  A luxurious 300gsm smooth matte 'off white' rag paper that produces outstanding dmax and color gamut while maintaining fine shadow details.